Not Much News !

Not much news this year I hear you think, so what have we been doing, here at Encode It Ltd?

Well over and above the normal stuff we do, we have been working hard to become market leading experts in the billing of Cloud Services.


You might think that we are up against seemingly strong competition and you would be right, but we believe that many, may in fact, become partners over time, as the market matures and priorities evolve.


We have been focusing on getting the money bit right. No doubts, no concerns, no overcharging or undercharging, nothing missed. Designed to provide “Always right” and on time bills for all cloud (and other) services.

So many mission statements, so little time! but surely we all want;

One customer, one clear (automated) bill.

On time, every time and always right.

I’m not actually sure that a business should have more than one mission statement but this a news item not a business management manual but apologies all the same.

We continue to improve upon our simple but effective “Protection of your revenue from the frailties of some humans” technologies, POYRFTFOSH for short! They really do work too!

This isn’t new but payment is also important and our solutions can also include our existing secure card transaction processing and Direct Debit handling.

Like just about everything else that we do, we automatically generated the bill in the defined accounts system. All our current customers use Sage 200 or Sage 50.

Our current focus involves us working with the following products / platforms. We have experience of some others and we are looking to expand our knowledge and services all the time.

VWware, Attix5, Zerto, Cloud Cruiser, Power Shell, Sage 200, Sage 50, SagePay, Microsoft.

We are part of the Professional Sage Developers Program, SagePay Development Partners and Microsoft Partners.

End of news item