Partnering Opportunities

With new, suitably experienced staff hard to find and with the associated costs of being a good employer, (pensions provision, living wage, holidays, maternity etc.), being able to expand with a minimum of additional staff has to be on the minds of many business.

Clearly there has never been a better time to talk to both existing and potential customers about helping them become more efficient and dynamic.

Encode It are Software Developers and Authors only. We deliver bespoke software services and have an existing library of software solutions and Sage Additions. Most are design to work with Sage 50 and / or Sage 200.

We are not Sage Resellers, we are Sage Developers. We are also members of the Sage Professional Developers Program and a Microsoft Partner.

We have a proud history of delivering successful projects, on-time and on-budget.

“You guys are an absolute delight to work with, and a refreshing change. I will certainly be recommending you to more of my customers”  Jo Anderson, Software Buddy

Let us be Your Development Service.

Partnering with us enables you to offer your clients additional software and services, it creates the opportunity to hugely increase your income, with no increase in overheads or costs of any type.

You decide how you like to partner with us. This can be; you give us the details and we simply do everything, through to we price and deliver to your absolute specification.

Depending on your business profile and how you would like to partner with us, we will look to agree our relationship.

Trusted Advisor

This is not title but a status you hold with your clients. Your client has a problem and you have found us or already knew of us. You have satisfied yourself that we may be just what your client requires.

You make the introductions and will probably continue to stay in-the-loop throughout, overseeing and assisting your client, if-and-when necessary.  

Trusted advisors are likely to be Accountants, Business Advisors, Sage Resellers that do not wish to take on additional products, Bank Managers, etc.

Here we believe it is right to offer a Thank You. Many of our Accountancy clients ask us to provide this by way of a discount directly to their client (mentioning it of course). Far and away the most important element though, is that we provide a superb service and deliver the perfect solution to your client.



Trusted Advisors who also demonstrate and deliver solutions are the best type of reseller.

Here clearly you take a greater role in identifying, validating and delivering a complete solution to your clients.

You are providing additional services over and above that of a Trusted Advisor and as such we of course offer attractive reseller margins.

We do have different levels of Reseller and we can discuss this to find what suits you best.

We believe that we have a compelling Reseller offer;

  • System Analyst and Developer resources at competitive rates
  • A selection of highly effective software products to resell.
  • New vertical markets for your sales teams to contact.
  • Opportunities for Nil-cost software to use in-house
  • Nil-cost demonstration software
  • Low cost optional technical training at our training centre near Worcester
  • Your customer remains yours
  • Optional Residual support income
  • No dealer rights payments required or any upfront dealer payments of any type other than optional training.
  • The potential for leads for our software
  • The potential for leads for Sage software, Services and Hardware


Do please contact us.....