Billing for Day-of-the-Week Services with Exceptions !

I deliver or provide a service to my customers on a particular day of the week. An example being,  I drop to a customer 20 on a Monday, 40 on a Wednesday and 60 on a Friday and

  • I just want to bill them at the end of the month! 
  • I just want to bill them for what they had last month!
  • I just want to bill them in advance for next month!

Or Weekly, (I've already mentioned Monthly), Bi-Monthly, Quarter, Six Monthly, Yearly.

Sometimes there are exceptions, I may deliver more, less, a different product, an additional product.




Billing for services or deliveries defined for a particular day of the week used to be a problem. If you have Sage Instant, Sage 50 or Sage 200 there is now a simple and affordable solution.

Workplace Suite (WS) Recurring Billing module can now be configured to solve the weekly servcies billing issues.

If you need something simular to this, we happly amend WS to suit your exact needs. We are mostly able to offer these enhancements at a "fixed" price.

Billing for Day-of-the week Services


And now, with our Exceptions feature, it can handle just about every eventuality.