Elastic Cloud Storage Billing Interface for Sage

EMC's Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) is designed to offer public cloud storage economies for private and hybrid cloud deployments, but private cloud security and control. It can also be used by cloud service providers themselves.

Whether you only provide Elastic Cloud Storage to your clients or provide it as an extra service, most businesses will wish to bill for it, based on use, summarised as just another one or two, clear and concise "invoice item lines" on a main service invoice.

Our market leading cloud services billing and payment processing solution, Workplace Suite (WS) Billing and Payments, facilitates the pricing of ECS services based on both fixed (committed) usage and pay-as-you-(over) then creates the bills in your accounts system. (Currently available for Sage 200, 50 and Instant Accounts.)......and so much more.

Providing your customers with one clear bill for the selection of services you deliver to them, whether that is communications from one platform, cloud infrastructure from another, Pay-as-you-go for cloud over-usage and in-house support services, helps build your business image, furthering your reputation as a trusted single supplier. It also makes it much more unlikely that they will cherry-pick / price point, every different service.

WS Billing and Payment processing already collects, collates and bills usage from VMWare, Attix5, Zerto and Interworks Cloud (for Microsoft CSP's) over and above billing for fixed recurring services. With integration into many accounts possible and currently available for Sage 200, Sage 50 and Sage Instant, WS may be the billing solution for your business.