Not Much News !

Not much news this year I hear you think, so what have we been doing, here at Encode It Ltd?

Well over and above the normal stuff we do, we have been working hard to become market leading experts in the billing of Cloud Services.


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Who on earth would give their sale team access to the billing system?

What if they wanted it the web-based CRM software SalesForce?

The billing system is probably the only place where all your solutions/platforms/services including future agreements, congregate to provide a true and detailed picture of your contractual and variable relationship with your customers. This total clarity not only provides detailed financial forecasting but also has the potential to provide great opportunities for your different departments, identifying possible upgrade and cross-selling opportunities as well as insuring that no renewals get missed.

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2014 Update

Happy New Year

Thank you to all our clients for your truly-valued custom. We hope our software and services have done their part in positioning your business exactly where you want to be.

Thank you also to the growing list of Sage Resellers and consultants for choosing to use and recommend us to your clients. We know you have a wide choice and we are committed to providing great service to both you and your clients. 

2014 already looks to be a very productive year with many of software applications scheduled to receive new features and general updates.

In 2013 Workplace Suite saw the largest growth in both available solutions for Sage 50 and Sage 200 as well as enhancements to the various application modules.

Code Orange, Code Purple, Project Manager for Show Homes, Code Utilities for Sage 50, Cellar Master, Store Master and Test Certificates On-line are all still proving popular and have all received updates in 2013. They are all also scheduled for updates this year.




Encode It Investment

Encode It Ltd has invested in new remote control software enabling us to provide an even better customer experience. After detailed research the software we have selected is Team Viewer. It has more than 200 million users world-wide.

Although many of our resellers provide first line support we are still called upon at times to assist their customers and of course we have our highly valued directly supported customers. This investment in Team Viewer enables us to provide an even speedier support service to everyone.

Another significant benefit is that we are also able to provide enhanced online demonstrations of our software and show, whilst discussing, details of any enhancements being created by our development team.

Our support, development and sales departments are all delighted with this investment.

Subscription based sales, selling software-as-a-service (SaaS), Cloud Services, etc. must be in the top ten of the business threats. 

It can be a customer relationship disaster, a back office nightmare, rubbish for cash flow and could get you in trouble with your Tax Office.

Repeated over-billing
Once the customers discover overcharging, your relationship and reputation is at best tarnished. You will then probably end up losing the customer but they will still want their money back promptly and this could result in a nasty and clearly un-forecasted dip in your cash flow.

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